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Threds wut i likes!

2008-09-19 16:04:02 by Raguel

I've been meaning to find a lot of threads that I liked and keep links to them in one place for a while now!

So here they are. I'll probably update this as I see fit.

Silly drawings threads :D (MSpaint adventures etc.)

Join the party!
The best one ever probably. You'll get banned for posting in it.

The Super Secret Interactive Adventure Featuring Williwowza, HAYF and Raguel. Made this one in the art forum so it got some nice entries but kinda fizzled out in the end.

Is your computer protected?

This is just a silly thread I made. I was a bit drunk :P

TheAbominableMatt is suicidal!
Funny shit with MickTheChampion and TheAbominableMatt.

The Newgrounds Pirate Ship.

Me and Sarai attempt to hijack a thread as ninja.

Let's Get Sexy!
More Willi and HAYF!

Teatime is Fun.
Just me screwing around with some guy. SevenSeize seemed to be amused by it.

MSPaint Your Dream Job!
Another contender for my favourite. This is where the sexual ninja picture below came from.

MSPaint Battle!

I experiment with GIFs and am quite pleased :)

MSPaint TV Adverts!
A few good entries here.

Look At My Awesome Drawing!!!

Just me fucking around again. I had way too much fun with this.


These are Photoshop threads that aren't as well known as Cornelius and Asianface but could have been :(

Photoshop Cute Animals.
I put a kitty in Street Fighter. This thread also contains the ONLY funny MSPaint cock I've ever seen.
It was done by EcilaSrennah no less.

Gay Tennis guys.
Admittedly I just like the picture I did.

Ctrl+Alt+Del captioning
A few good ones in this. I don't really know what made me make mine but as soon as I finished it I burst out laughing...................CaptainBob liked it too.

Photoshop This!
Am I the only person who sees limitless potential in this???

Pictures that weren't good enough for my DeviantArt but are still ok.

Rat Art!
I drawed a rat.

Lots of good ones in this. I dun maed a Cap'n Picard.

Art Challenges!
It'd be nice to see this continued. :(

Unsettling Animals.

I didn't even know Luxury-Yacht could draw :O

Draw A Bee
Another thread that you wouldn't expect much from but has loads of good stuff.

Silly Threads!!!
These threads are just funny.

This is Misty!

Pokemon drawings made by kids that are fucking hilarious.

Long Arm!
MickTheChampion finds proof that Rangers fans are inbred.

MickTheChampion's Skeleton Gangrape.
I put off reading this for ages because I hate reading BBS stories. But as soon as I did read it I read the rest of them.
Fucking gold, Mick.
Absolute fucking gold.

Clubs & Crews

Little Big Planet!


Threds wut i likes!


2008-04-23 18:28:03 by Raguel

Here's a picture I did of Rogue.


Well I've been accused.........

2008-04-03 17:10:58 by Raguel

...........of not making enough News posts and not making enough art.

I never really finish my pictures enough to post them and I never think of anything newsworthy so I've decided to mix them together :D

This Userpage is now about unfinished pictures by me.

This was gonna be a stickman......except with style.

I got really bored while drawing the wood lines, and they looked shit and I had drawn it all on one layer so colouring was going to be a bitch.

I give you Wood.

Well I've been accused.........

Wahey :D

2007-11-19 15:37:29 by Raguel

I got the stuff that I won in the mail!

Turns out that the T-shirt's a bit too small.

Ah well!

Thanks again guys!!!

Wahey :D

So I took a trip up to Dublin........

2007-11-07 20:32:14 by Raguel

........and took a few pictures while I was there because, even though I lived there for two years, I've never bothered to take any pictures of stuff.

So here you go.

I actually have to go there again in about 4 hours and I'm steamed drunk but I'll see if I can get some more pictures, specifically of the ha'penny bridge.

O'Connell Bridge.

O'Connell Street.

Henry/Mary Street.

Heuston Station.

And finally, a bigger picture of the legendary Phil Lynott as seen below. This (slightly larger than life) bronze statue is outside Bruxelles, one of my favourite pubs in Dublin =D

So I took a trip up to Dublin........

Well I haven't been doing much work in Flash.

2007-10-07 12:28:26 by Raguel

So enjoy these kitties.


Well I haven't been doing much work in Flash.

Go Blinky Go!

2007-08-16 10:36:06 by Raguel

The latest installment!

Including silly voice acting and music and everything =D

Shwank! Watch This Movie!

This is a Flash cartoon. /\ That is a link.

Go Blinky Go!

The first adventure for Blinky went fairly well!!!

2007-08-13 18:25:17 by Raguel

View its ass!

The first adventure for Blinky went fairly well!!!

This is Blinky!!!

2007-08-13 13:18:47 by Raguel

He's a master swordsman and advernturer extraordinaire!!!

What would you like him to do?

Episodes so far:



This is Blinky!!!

This just in!!!

2007-08-07 15:16:36 by Raguel

No news today.